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The 5 C’s of Italian Cooks Food


Who better than a cook can tell you if your product is truly excellent?

All products that receive for the Italian Cooks Food qualification are tested, cooked and tasted by: professional cooks, confectioners, sommeliers, tasters and food engineers, who evaluate the characteristics of each product, identifying its qualities, peculiarities and possible defects.

But what characteristics must a product have to pass the qualification test?

There are many different characteristics that contribute to making a truly excellent agri-food product: ingredients and raw materials used, production chain and environmental impact, nutritional values, geographical and traditional relevance, use and performance in the kitchen and, last but not least, value for money. The professionals of Italian Cooks Food identify the quality and potential of the products, looking for the best possible combinations and ways to enhance them.



In the kitchen, quality pays … but also costs!

Explaining to the final consumer why a product made with selected raw materials costs more is not easy. Conquering the Italian Cooks Food brand is, in fact, only the first step to access the vast world of food marketing. We understood that quality alone is not enough. Success needs stories, made of words, images and videos. Knowing how to tell others about your product is essential to emotionally connote food, to arouse curiosity, but above all to make their mouths water!
After the qualification of the products, the company can access the contacts-crossing services, study communication strategies and marketing campaigns aimed at internationalisation and export … with a bit more taste!

pera vuota nuova


All the qualified products are published and available on the B2B sales platform in order to meet the demand of buyers and importers. The products will also be part of a basket of offers that will be constantly presented to numerous buyers, thanks to the contacts-crossing formula.


ontacts Crossing

Too often very good business opportunities are lost because Italian companies struggle to build a network. Italian Cooks Food works to enhance the opportunities of companies by matching them and optimizing resources and contacts in a win-win formula. This way, two companies that export to different markets can “meet” by facilitating each other’s work, and use the world of the food and cooking as a common vehicle to better enter new international markets.