Acqua di Toscana: pure, balanced … elegant!

In a place nestled in the middle of the Tuscan hills, between Pistoia and Mount Abetone, a pure water gushes out before emerging from the San Felice spring. It flows deep through a very long underground path, whose rocks give the water its specific features, a particular chemical composition and a perfect balance of mineral salts.

What water are we talking about?

Acqua di Toscana® – a true trademark to guarantee quality. Acqua di Toscana San Felice is an oligomineral water with a fixed residue of 211 mg (which is very low!). But this water is not only distinguished by its lightness and balance … but also for the packaging!

“We decided to dress our water up in a bordolese, a bottle usually used for wine, which gives the water its unique and elegant look,” says Vieri Ceccherini, the owner. Together with his wife, they discovered the company in 2005 and decided to bring a breath of innovation to this business.

“Every day we try to enhance not only our water, but the whole territory and with it the environment. So we made the choice of bottling our water only in glass, adopting the Return and Refill policy”, a philosophy that in the past it was embraced by many sectors but is strangely less popular today. “Very few water companies sell in glass and, even fewer concentrate on glass packaging only. When we are using glass bottles, we are sure that the product arrives to the table in a perfect condition, in total safety and with the certainty that it can be totally reused after careful sterilisation in a protected environment, once back at the company. ”

Acqua di Toscana San Felice sells not only in Italy, but also Europe, Australia, Canada and Russia: “Think about the thrill of finding Acqua di Toscana around the world! And above all, think how much value they give abroad to a water under the “Toscana” brand.

But who says that this water is so good? “Apart from the chemical analyses, obviously, our water sommeliers have also confirmed the natural lightness of this water (for example it is low in siglice, which is that mineral salt that makes the water more “oily”) …”

Water sommeliers? Yep, those do exist. “Sure! A water sommelier recognises the differences between one water and the other. While one might think that water is simply water, there is no water equal to the other, each has its own specific identity, which makes it ideal in combination with certain dishes or products.”

This is why Acqua San Felice runs many projects for training, knowledge and the dissemination of the most precious asset of our planet: the water. “Our goal is to train customers, by which we mainly mean restaurateurs, so that they know exactly what they are offering their customers, who in the end are us, normal people who eat out in restaurants!”