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The ICF Qualification

Turning a product into a
competitive advantage

We select excellent agri-food products with the aim of enhancing, promoting and disseminating the company’s activities and history in Italy and abroad.
Certified companies will be able to use the Italian Cooks Food brand and benefit from all related promotional activities, as well as enjoy access to the Italian Cooks Food contacts and network.

Italian Cooks TOUR

Culinary Promotion

The promotion starts from the qualification of agri-food products of excellence and goes all the way to HORECA. By organising events, tastings with importers and distributors, master classes, training courses and consultancy around the world, Italian Cooks Food supports buyers, importers and professionals with their on-site promotion of Italian products.

B2B sales

Service, guarantee and reliability
an always winning formula

Through the B2B platform, the manufacturing companies can offer their products to importers via international e-commerce, with facilitated communications, an opportunity to make captivating presentations of their companies and get more visibility thanks to the work of chefs constantly engaged around the world.
Thanks to synergies and to the network of Italian Cooks Food, companies can also offer logistic support to buyers and importers, supporting them in every phase of the purchase